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Zipp 404 Firecrest Disc Tubeless Wheelset

Zipp 404 NSW Carbon Disc-Brake Tubeless Wheelset
Zipp 303 Firecrest Carbon Disc Brake 650b Tubeless Wheelset
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USD 900.00
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The Zipp 404 Firecrest Disc Tubeless Wheels have been one of the staples in the Zipp lineup for years.
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The Zipp 404 Firecrest Disc Tubeless Wheels have been one of the staples in the Zipp lineup for years. They are updated and better than ever, dropping nearly 400 grams in weight compared to the previous version. These come in at a lower price than the NSW model while remaining very light and fast. The wider 58mm rim depth makes these wheels ideal for road cyclists and triathletes alike, promoting great stability at high speeds to compliment the aerodynamics. A 23mm internal width makes it possible to run wider tires at lower pressures while maintaining speed. The rims are also able to accommodate tubeless tires, making for outstanding comfort and durability for an aero road wheel. It also adds up to more stability, giving riders the confidence to make turns at high speeds.

A very low rolling resistance fits in nicely with the tubeless tire compatibility of these wheels. The low resistance allows for tires to be run at lower pressures which helps create more grip on turns and added comfort over long distances. An ABLC Sawtooth dimple design helps manage airflow around the wheel and create excellent stability at high speeds. It also includes Zipp Total System Efficiency which combats any enemies of speed. This includes wind resistance, rolling resistance, gravity, and body vibration losses. Mitigating all of these limiting factors leads to higher speeds with less effort and the fastest ride on the road. The Zipp 404 Firecrest Disc Tubeless Wheels provide pure road speed but do not neglect the importance of comfort, stability, and reliability. With this diverse set of attributes and a reasonable price, it is no wonder the 404 Firecrest has become one of the most popular wheels in the Zipp lineup.

1,450 grams (set)
Wheel Size
UD Carbon Fiber (rim)
58mm (depth), 23mm (internal width), symmetrical profile, UD Fiber finish, hookless
CX-Ray, 24/24 (front/rear), 2-cross/2-cross pattern (front/rear), aluminum nipple
Tire Compabilty
Tubeless Clincher, max 125 PSI
Brake Compability
Disc Brake (center lock)
TA 12x100/TA 12x142 (front/rear)
ZR1 Disc Brake; 6 Pawls Leaf Spring Driver Mechanism
Cartridge (Stainless Steel)
Driver Body
XDR or SRAM/Shimano Road