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Zipp 858 NSW Tubeless Disc Wheelset

Roval CLX 50 Disc wheelset
Bright Label
Campagnolo Bora ONE 50 Clincher Wheelset
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The Zipp 858 NSW Disc Tubeless Wheelset is the ultimate aerodynamic wheelset that can hit blazing speeds on the road.
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The Zipp 858 NSW Disc Tubeless Wheelset is the ultimate aerodynamic wheelset that can hit blazing speeds on the road. These wheels feature the deepest rims in Zipp’s entire lineup at 82mm. An undulating rim that varies from 77 to the maximum 82mm features Zipp’s patented Sawtooth Profile. Undulating Hyperfoil noldes reduce aero drag and side force even further. This helps the wheel be more than just aerodynamically efficient against headwinds. It can remain stable and efficient against crosswinds as well. This is perfect for a triathlon or time trail rider who needs aerodynamics at very high speeds. It is also an excellent option for an aggressive road rider who likes to push the pace. The redesigned Cognition DB V2 Hub with Axial Clutch V2 technology reduces friction to keep the speed going when not pedaling.

In modern cycling, pure speed is not enough. Compliance and control are huge factors in maintaining high speeds over a long period of time. An 18mm internal rim width allows for wider tires to be run which leads to better grip for fast cornering. These wheels also run tubeless tires which can utilize a lower tire pressure for extra compliance as well as less rolling resistance. The added comfort can keep riders feeling fresh, helping them go faster over long rides. Effectively decreasing speed or coming to a quick stop will never be an issue thanks to their disc brake compatibility. The 858 NSW Tubeless Disc Wheelset represents the pinnacle of Zipp’s aerodynamics and speed and are a perfect choice for a triathlete, time trail rider, or fast road rider.

838 grams (front), 935 grams (rear); 1,773 grams (set)
Wheel Size
UD Carbon Fiber (rim)
82mm (depth), 18mm (internal width), symmetrical profile
CX-Ray, 24/24 (front/rear), 2-cross/2-cross pattern (front/rear), aluminum nipple
Tire Compability
Tubeless Clincher, hookless rims
Brake Compability
Disc Brake (center lock)
TA 12x100/ TA 12x142 (front/rear)
Cognition V2 with Axial Clutch V2 (XDR or SRA/Shimano driver bodies)
Cartridge (Stainless Steel)