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Campagnolo Bora ONE Disc 50 Clincher Wheelset

Campagnolo Ghibli Track Tubular Rear Disc Wheel
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Campagnolo Bora ONE 50 Clincher Wheelset
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USD 1200.00
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The Campagnolo Bora ONE 50 Disc Wheels offer high level aerodynamics and versatility at a more reasonable price than the Ultra line. They provide professional level performance and a carbon construction. Bora wheels are lightweight and aerodynamic with a Tour de France winning history. The aerodynamics of these wheels are tested from all angles rather than just in the wind tunnel. That assures that the profile of the Bora is aero in real race situations. The rim profile makes them a perfect option for flat terrain. Equipped with USB Ceramic Bearings, you can expect the highest speeds and the longest life.

A unidirectional carbon construction is used to create these wheels, keeping them extremely lightweight and stiff. The spokes are also a huge factor when it comes to the world class speed of the Campagnolo Bora Wheels. The unique G3 spoke pattern is made up of groups of three parallel straight pull aluminum spokes arranged in a 2:1 ratio. One side has twice as many spokes which counteracts the forces from an asymmetric drivetrain, leading to a stable ride at high speeds. Spoke tension is also optimized for a longer life as well as lateral stiffness and speed. The Campagnolo Bora Wheels are extremely lightweight, aerodynamic, and versatile with a reasonable price tag for high-level performance.


Rim Unidirectional High Modulus Carbon; 50mm (height)
Spokes 24/24 (count); bladed aero stainless steel; G3 pattern
Tire Compatibility tubeless, clincher
Hub Black aluminum monolithic hub; 100mm width; USB ceramic cup and cone bearings
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