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SRAM Red eTap AXS 1 Aero Mini Groupset

SRAM Red eTap AXS 2 Post-Mount HRD Mini Groupset
SRAM Red eTap AXS 2 Post-Mount HRD Mini Groupset
SRAM Force eTap AXS 1 Mini Groupset
SRAM Force eTap AXS 1 Mini Groupset


SRAM’s new Red eTap AXS 12-speed system is becoming the future of road cycling. This mini groupset is made to provide seamless shifting for a single chainring setup. Made to accommodate aero bike riders, this group includes a BlipBox with two blips and two clics wires, a rear derailleur, and a battery with a charger and cord. With the ability to personalize your bike through the AXS app and cycle through a wide range of gears, you will feel more freedom than ever on the road. SRAM’s newest wireless groupset is more intuitive and smoother than ever so you can focus on your ride.

The included rear derailleur utilizes Orbit chain management to keep the drivetrain more quiet, capable and secure. This single rear derailleur is compatible with all gearing combinations including 1x and 2x. This version features improved motor and signal traveling which results in lightning fast and smooth shifting. That efficiency is amplified by larger X-SYNC pulleys and durable ceramic bearings. All existing eTap batteries are compatible with this product.

The SRAM eTap AXS BlipBox is a sleek control module that makes your aero bike or triathlon machine even more aerodynamic. Connected to your wireless shifting system and replacing standard drop bar shifter levers, the BlipBox makes gear changes easy from any aero riding position. This version of the BlipBox is far smaller than ever, making it easy to integrate into your bike. It can be mounted inside the stem faceplate cap, feed box, or frame. The SRAM Red eTap AXS 1 Aero Mini Groupset will provide you with limitless aerodynamic configurations.


Rear Derailleur 303g; compatible with 12-speed RED and Force Cassettes
BlipBox Two ports per side for Blips and Clics; optional stem mount
Battery Charger and cord included
Note The specifications, colors, parts, and availability of the products can be subjects to alter without prior notification.