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Look X-Track Race Carbon Ti Pedals

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Garmin Rally XC200 Power Meter Pedals
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The Look X-Track Race Carbon Titanium Pedals are made to have the best power to weight ratio on the cross-country market.
Categories: Component, Pedals

They are known for the consistent and reliable performance you need in a trail bike. All the energy you need in your ride is produced through the pedals, so an efficient transfer system is vital. A greater contact surface is what leads to the best power transfer, but it also means that the pedal will weigh more. Look engineers identified which zones of the pedals are most useful in power transfer so they could cut weight in other areas. This process leads to unmatched weight to contact area ratio for the fastest and most reliable rides through the trails.

Despite their low weight, the Look X-Track Race Carbon Titanium Pedals exhibit heavy-duty reliability. They are resistant to rocks, roots, mud, and all elements that the trails can throw your way. The double weather-resistant spindle seal keeps the internal workings of the pedal safe from the worst conditions. Lateral contact support guides your foot to find the pedal on the fly, even if the cleat is not engaged. The wide contact area provides foot sliding on the pedal body with consistent support. With an adjustable tension screw, fine tuning of entry and release, depending on skill level and preference is possible. Compatible with SPD cleats, these pedals are some of the very best cross-country pedals on the market.

Carbon (body), Titanium (spindle)
515mm² (area), 60mm (width)
SPD Compatible, 16.8mm (stack height + cleats)