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Look X-Track En-Rage Plus Ti Pedals

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The Look X-Track EN-Range Plus Titanium pedals are a great choice for are designed for the aggressive trail or endurance rider.
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This Plus version has a larger contact surface which makes it ideal for the dangers of endurance riding. A wider pedal body offers more stability and the durability to withstand hard impacts against rocks and more. The surface of these pedals provides excellent grip for your feet, even when you are not clipped in. They are also SPD compatible and utilizes standard or lateral clip-out. Lateral contact support guides your foot into the pedal, making it easier to engage your cleat on the fly.

The pedal body is made with durable and lightweight forged aluminum which the spindle is a reliable titanium. This keeps these pedals stable and supportive at the highest speeds. There is an adjustable tension screw featured for fine-tuned entry and release. These pedals can be tuned with the proper resistance to suit your skill level and personal preferences. Endurance and trail riding comes with its fair share of obstacles and weather conditions. These pedals are great at keeping mud and rain from being a factor, so you can be sure your cleats will always clip in. The Look X-Track EN Range Plus Titianium pedals are a brilliant choice for the rider who loves taking on the most difficult and technical trails.

Forged aluminum (body), Titanium (spindle)
664mm² (area), 67mm (width)
SPD Compatible, 16.8mm (stack height + cleats)