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MET Trenta Mips Helmet

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USD 175.00
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The MET Trenta MIPS Helmet is a stylish performance helmet with the latest safety technology. One of the greatest risks to brain damage is angular impact. MIPS-C2 is a safety system that redirects angular energy to rotational motion by sliding relative to the head.
Categories: Component, Helmets

The lightweight construction of the helmet means it's barely noticeable on the head, and when it's hot, you'll really appreciate the 17 vents keeping your head cool.

The fit system is highly adjustable, with an accommodating design that caters for ponytails too. Benefit from a 7% reduction in drag compared to traditional helmets, with the sleek design which is optimised for the slipstream of riding in groups.

Safety feature: MIPS-C2 protects from angular impact by redirecting damaging rotational motion
Construction: Double in-mould, polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
Ventilation: 19 vents, just 30% of the helmet touches the head, reducing temperature build-up
Performance: Enhanced for group riding, with 7% reduction in drag compared to a traditional helmet
Fit-system: Safe-T Orbital, micro-adjustable dial, ponytail compatible
Padding: Hand washable Air Mesh comfort pads
Straps and divider: Air Lite straps and adjustable divider
Be seen: Reflective detailing on back
Certification: CE | AS/NZS | US